Business Plan Packages with Funding /Start ups  Loans approvals

Package includes:

· One 45-minute 1-2-1 session with a  business adviser

· Business plan (min. 5-8 pages)

· Cash-flow forecast

· Business Lending Application (subject to one being pre-approved in principle)

· Advice to register business via Companies House or HMRC

· Personal Survival Budget

· CV (amended accordingly) 

· Affordability and eligibility test for finance search




By using our The Lylod’s Group services in the Community, you join a network of progressive individuals and businesses who look beyond the profit motive, but rather wants to make a difference within society and are prepared to collaborate to bring about change.

We are the consulting organisation for individuals, businesses and community who want to publicly demonstrate a commitment to acting responsibly and invest in building a better society.

What we ask of our clients

We believe the prosperity of businesses and the communities are inextricably linked. If every person and individual business strives to be the best it can be in all areas as a responsible business, there will be a positive multiplier effect that will benefit community, its economy and the environment. If businesses collaborate they can have a greater impact upon key issues than if acting alone.

The Lylod’s Group is committed to Train and Mentor our Clients to do two things: 

1. Be the best you can be in all areas as a responsible business and embark on a journey of continuous improvement that delivers social, environmental and economic sustainability.

2. Be a force for good by collaborating with other businesses in the network and investing in building a better community. This means supporting initiatives which are beyond your company’s immediate interests, but which will sustain growth in the long term.

To demonstrate your performance as a responsible business, we ask that you measure and report your objectives and achievements.

What membership offers you

Learn more about core package activities :

We at The Lylod’s Group we inform you on access to the resources to develop your business and a network to bring about change.

Our flexible packages allow you to choose the level and type of support services you need to suit your business.  Depending on your strategic priorities, we can build a package that suits your requirements.  The total cost depends on your company size.



 The Lylod's Group also acts as an Insurance introducer (a full-service advisory agency) serving agents nationwide. We strive to help you provide your clients with the highest quality life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuity products on the market today. We specialize in finding the best policy, best underwriting, and the best service for each situation. Let us be your back office and spend more time with who really matters, your clients. 

  Our Mortgage And Property Advisory Plus (Buying, Selling and Rentals):

  The Lylod's Group Established Mortgage And Property Advisory Plus Mid-2019 after working as a freelancer with some highly rated Consultants and Specialists within the property market, Specialising Particularly In all  areas of:

  1. Property   For Sale

  2.Property For Rent

3. About Mortgage And Property Related Management Services.

· Recruitment Services:

The Lylod's Group also double as a recruitment agency for candidates and employers in the public and private sector. Visit us now for more information.

· Charity and Company Start ups and Registration.

      1. Summary
     2. Requirements to Establish a Charitable Company
     3. How to Create a Charitable Company
     4. How to Choose the Right Charitable Corporate Structure
     5. Registration of a Charitable Organisation With the Charity Commission
     6. Charitable Companies Formations 

      7. Proceeding With Charitable Companies Start-up
     8. Register a Charitable Association with HMRC
     9. Further Requirements to Open a Charitable Organisation
   10. Annual Obligation to Become a Charitable Enterprise 


Staff's Training's in areas of 

     1. Leadership

     2. Mentorship

     3. Motivation and many more

We can also act as a Data Protection Officer to fits your company's General Data Protection Regulation Compliance.